Yellow Parrot

Originally from the littoral regions of Mexico the Chicken headed Amazon parrots accept become accepted pets partly because of their adorable markings.

These birds are predominantly blooming with a arresting chicken arch and a red application on anniversary wing. They can aswell be begin south of Mexico in Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.

Although they adopt habitats like abutting or subtropical forests, savannahs, mangrove swamps, or able acreage area copse are accessible for nesting, Chicken headed Amazon parrots are now advised attenuate and on the endangered account because of poaching and actionable barter and because of deforestation consistent in the accident of their nesting habitat.

Captive bred Chicken headed Amazons are broadly accessible as pets but can be somewhat expensive. They are an acutely accepted parrot breed to own because of their articulate abilities.

They are a abutting additional to the African Grey parrot which is advised the best anchorperson in the parrot world. Although all Amazons are able of talking not all do.

Their talking adeptness varies with anniversary bird. Some birds are accomplished talkers while added may never talk. Chicken headed Amazon parrots are acutely intelligent, funny, and alive birds. They like to accept absorption and do so by sometimes getting loud and playful. They are said to be the loudest of all the Amazon parrots. But, it is accessible to alter arrest with animal accent with a little bit of training.

Because Chicken headed Amazon parrots are alive they advance in an ambiance that allows them to fly and move around. An asylum is a abundant asylum but they can aswell acclimatize to calm cages as continued as acceptable circadian exercise is offered by their owner.

These parrots are aswell calmly beaten and trained. But, like a lot of ample parrot species, Chicken headed Amazons can be destructive. Owners charge to accommodate their birds with affluence of chewing toys and branches.

These parrots can abound to the boilerplate breadth of fifteen inches although females are hardly abate again males.

Yellow headed Amazon parrots accept a stout, absorbed bill that is not alone acclimated for arise the harder shells of seeds and basics but aswell for grasping, exploring, and climbing.

They aswell use their anxiety to ascend and it is about like addition duke for them. Amazons accept two toes pointing assiduously and two toes pointing backwards which accomplish them absolute for grasping. They will use their anxiety to authority aliment while eating.

In the agrarian Chicken headed Amazons eat a array of fruits, berries, nuts, blossoms, and blade buds. They accept aswell been accepted to arrest agronomical crops like maize. When active in a home ambiance with an buyer these birds adore vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, berries, and pellet food.

Like all parrots diet is actual important to their bloom and their lives.

When because accepting one of these admirable birds as a pet, owners should accede the constancy of their commitment.

Yellow headed Amazon parrots can reside to be sixty to eighty years old. Although no pet is perfect, these parrots are abiding to accord their owners hours of ball and pleasure.